Client Testimonials

Michelle has made a significant impact on my life. Her encouragement, support, patience, inspiration and enthusiasm have inspired me to achieve my goals, discover my passion and talents, and to embark down unfamiliar paths to live my life by design.

~A.S., Marketing Professional
(1:1 Coaching Client)

I have observed Michelle Pyram since October 2009; she writes a monthly column in our newsletter that is distributed to 800 email addresses, providing valuable professional development articles to our prospective clients. She also conducts coaching sessions through our monthly client conference calls. She does an excellent job of empowering women and helping them achieve their full potential. You will not find a better candidate for this honor.

~S.D., Financial Services
Professional and Entrepreneur
(Group Coaching Client)

I just wanted to say thank you for the exercise that you delivered... You have helped me find my inner strength that I needed to dream again. I have enrolled into college. It was not without obstacles. I had to fight the feeling to quit when they told me that I would have to start over from the beginning. But I have kept pressing on.... And now I am a college student. When I graduate I will be the first in my family. Thank you, thank you. I hope to follow my other dream to become a life coach for other women…

~T.H. Full-Time Mother/Current Student
(Training Program Participant)

A year ago, I didn't think a career/life coach could help me over come the issues I faced at that time. I was between temp job assignments (despite having just finished my MBA), at odds with my loved ones, overeating and sleeping almost 10 hours a day. Looking back, I think I was fighting through a mild depression but was too ashamed to speak to anyone.

Michelle & I began speaking informally about what I was experiencing. She made recommendations of how to relieve stresses and not succumb to negative thoughts. As I began to open to the benefits of working with Michelle professionally, she began to recommend books and daily activities (such as affirmations and limiting sleep & tv time). Finally, we began official coaching sessions where I began to understand the part I played in my current circumstances and most importantly how I could play an active role in changing my life... If Michelle had not helped me change my vantage point, I would not have been able to identify how and where I fell short. I had to rebuild my confidence and forgive myself for past mistakes. I learned to say 'I am smart and able to contribute highly valuable work. I'm worthy of respect from my peers. I am wonderfully unique'. I was able to internalize these positive thoughts and change my energy & focus and gradually improve my life!

1:1 Coaching Client
Finance Professional/Entreprenuer